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Mostly asked questions

  1. My family members keep dying. What can I do?
    • Give them food and drink when they need this.
  2. How to go to next day?
    • There is a bed on the bottom… Use it.
  3. My characters don't come back from expeditions.
    • Characters on expeditions use more supplies, be sure they are hydrated and fed enough.
  4. I go to monk on even days but there is no box.
    • Go uneven day because you go on expedition the next day after sleep.
  5. How to give light signal?
    • Open the trapdoor and go sleep (you need to have flashlight or petrol). Then swing light source fast left and right.
  6. Do worktable/filter/boxing bag/dog house etc last forever?
    • Yes, these items stay forever after you bought them.
  7. How to earn more?
    • Go on expeditions, make alcohol, fight, plant plants etc.
  8. What does the Cat do?
    • Cat kills trash monsters and doesn't let the bats in.
  9. What playing cards do?
    • Play cards to recover more energy next day.
  10. What is Martha for? She can't go on expeditions.
    • Yes she can't. But you can go on expedition with the last older character you have while Martha will keep an eye on the shelter. Without her you can't leave the shelter empty so you can't go outside with last older member. Remember to hide her every time you live trapdoor or the night and there is someone.
  11. Why does the trapdoor sometimes barricade itself?
    • It will barricade itself when a hurricane comes, so you cannot go outside and open the trapdoor on these days.
  12. What for is the alarm clock when u go sleep?
    • The alarm clock allows you to do some tasks in the shelter early before the next day, and you can also meet the ghost.
  13. The knob in the radio is broken…
    • The knob is not broken, it is just hard to tune. Buy better radio in the customization shop with buttons.
  14. Why the game close when in settings I click on red cross?
    • Because it is close game button. To go back from settings click on arrow in right bottom corner.
  15. How to take shower?
    • The shit icon means “dirty”. Take shower in dirty water barrel.
  16. Rescue from suicide. How to keep alive?
    • When character wants to suicide you can delay this using food. Give one something to eat.
  17. What does The Gold Fish?
    • Catch the gold fish to get extra style points. You can give it to the Snowman, he will go away forever.
  18. Which items are the most important?
    • The most important items are: food, something to drink, map, potatoes, axe.
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